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You can now process raw HYPACK data in NaviEdit and NaviModel


Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen
One of our customers recently chose to switch from HYPACK to the NaviSuite Kuda software for data acquisition and processing during shallow water survey operations. The customer had a lot of data, which they had worked with in the HYPACK software and wished to be able to continue to work with – not just as processed data, but by accessing the recorded raw data for re-processing.
This is of course a highly relevant issue to address for us in order to ensure that new NaviSuite users will not have to start from scratch just because they choose to change software ship. 
New version of NaviModel allows for processing of Hypack data
It is now possible to fully process data acquired with HYPACK using the processing tools available in not only NaviEdit, but also NaviModel. 

Making the advanced NaviSuite processing tools available

Our development team set out to create a solution and now it is ready: They have implemented an importer of the HYPACK raw data format for NaviEdit, which is the NaviSuite solution dedicated to survey data editing. Consequently, it is now possible to fully process data acquired with HYPACK using the processing tools available in not only NaviEdit, but also our software for data modelling and visualisation in 2D/3D/4D, NaviModel. 
Possible applications of these tools include:
  • Sensor correction (for example raw sensor editing, change of sensors, change of offsets and mounting angle, smoothing, filtering, de-spiking, etc)
  • Tide correction, including GPS tide calculations
  • Various pressure-from-depth calculations
  • Automatic application of best SVP profile
  • The possibility of using the SVP refraction tool to synthesise an appropriate SV
  • Advanced cleaning such as the features of the new EC-3D cleaning option 
  • Advanced volume calculations 
  • Comparison of multiple surveys carried out at different points in time
  • 3D visualisation of survey data and construction drawings
Importing raw HYPACK data into the NaviSuite products of course also means that users can benefit from the extremely high-performing 3D engine of NaviModel.
The HYPACK importer is available now as a release-candidate. It will be included in the next version of NaviEdit, released in the coming months, which will be made available for all users who have subscribed to our software maintenance and support programme.

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