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Taiwanese representative added to the EIVA fleet


Here at EIVA, we are celebrating our 40th anniversary with our first new representative of the year, Uni-One Ocean Technology Ltd., who are joining us as our first representative in Taiwan. 


Taiwanese representative added to the EIVA fleet


As of April 2018, Uni-One has joined the worldwide network of partners representing EIVA. 

‘EIVA believes in providing as optimal an experience as possible for our customers by providing a local professional partner, and we feel Uni-One is an excellent match for our products and market sectors of focus in Taiwan. Therefore, we are happy to announce Uni-One’s promotion of EIVA’s entire software and equipment suite,’ said EIVA Global Sales Director Jakob Møller Nielsen.

Bringing proven offshore wind solutions to a new market

In particular, Taiwan is a current hotspot of the offshore wind industry, with a goal set for the development of 5.5 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2025. This is an industry of increasing interest for EIVA, with numerous applications for our software and hardware. In the offshore wind sector, the EIVA NaviSuite software can perform: seabed mapping; positioning of foundation, TP and turbine; cable trenching and dredging, lay, inspection and eventing, rock placement; jack-up vessel navigation and positioning; scour monitoring and site surveys. 

Moreover, of special relevance to this industry is the EIVA UXO remotely operated towed vehicle, the ScanFish Katria, which is specifically designed for wide-sweep magnetometer surveys. Further hardware applications include sub-bottom imaging and wave and current measurements. 

Experienced provider of maritime technologies

Uni-One is a leading provider of ocean technologies in Taiwan for the various sectors EIVA is involved in. In addition to offshore wind, these include, among others, oil and gas, defence, construction and oceanographic industries. 
The company serves its customers by introducing them to the most up-to-date technologies and by equipping them with system solutions through their dedication to local professional assistance through an informed sales team, integrated logistics support, as well as a first-line helpdesk support function. 


‘Taiwan is surrounded by oceans and our government is keen to develop ocean-related projects. It is our pleasure to partner with EIVA to provide excellent ocean-related products to our customers in Taiwan. Our government and navy clients have been using EIVA software for years thanks to our efforts, and we look forward to servicing more customers and projects in the future with EIVA’s products,’ said Mr. Robert Tsai, President of Uni-One Ocean Technology Ltd.


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