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Proven cable telemetry kit becomes available as an OEM product


EIVA now offers the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit as an OEM product for integration with subsea sensor and sonar systems. 

By splitting up the proven telemetry components of the ScanFish ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) system for integration with other pieces of equipment, we are able to offer manufacturers an off-the-shelf power and communications solution for easy integration with equipment deployed from a vessel using long cables. 
The kit is available at a price of € 8,000 for the standard package (and a price of € 5,000 for a setup that does not include a subsea pressure bottle). Moreover, if you have requirements that don’t match the features of the standard solution, it is also possible to purchase a customised solution.

ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit - subsea technology


New to the price list but very familiar with the survey job

All ScanFish ROTV systems surveying the world’s seas for some of the major players in the maritime industry include this technology. This means that the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit has proven its worth in numerous different applications, from UXO detection to sound velocity profiling and practically everything in between. 


No need for expensive cables – a simple coax will do

Choosing the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit means that you save the time and money of developing your own setup from scratch when looking to power and establish communication with your subsea equipment via long cables. It also means you avoid the issues development normally poses – and without having to invest in expensive cables. 

Let us know your communications and power needs and we’ll find a matching solution

The ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit comes in its standard version for equipment with a coax subsea cable. The standard kit includes:
  • Topside (2U rack unit) with:
    • 300 W power supply 
    • Modem for Ethernet over power cable (4-5 Mbit/s via a single wire 4,000 m coax, with higher bandwidths – up to 7 Mbit/s – possible via shorter cables)
  • 600 m-rated pressure bottle with subsea electronics with:
    • 9 Teledyne Impulse interface connectors, with a mixture of Ethernet and serial ports
    • Modem for Ethernet over power cable
    • 8-port multiplexer, Ethernet to RS2323 or RS485
    • 2 DC output power modules each at 130 W (one is preconfigured to 24 V, the other is customisable, allowing for 12-48 V)
Should you have other requirements, the kit can be delivered as a 600 W and a 1000 W version, as well as for combination with a fibre optic subsea cable, along with a long list of other optional extras including for example:
  • Deck cable
  • Additional serial ports
  • Additional DC output modules
  • Motion, depth and pressure sensor
At a reduced price of € 5,000, the kit is also available without the subsea pressure bottle but including PCBs. 


Would you like to learn more?


Let us know if you would like to learn more about how to integrate the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit as an OEM product into your system and if you would like to discuss the option of a tailored solution. 

Purchase it now


Purchase the ScanFish Cable Telemetry Kit with subsea pressure bottle or without subsea preassure bottle in our webshop.

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