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NaviSuite introduces support of Cathx subsea laser scanner


Lasers are rapidly finding their way into the subsea industry due to their ability to generate high-quality inspection data. As a result, the latest developments on EIVA NaviSuite include support for Cathx’s subsea laser scanner, which offers data of impressive resolution and detail.

Support of the latest sensor technology is a vital element of the further development of the EIVA NaviSuite for offshore survey and engineering operations. This has led to the introduction of drivers for subsea laser scanners, the first of which being Cathx’s laser scanner.

As always, the development of the new driver was carried out in collaboration with customers and the manufacturer. Moreover, it has undergone sea trials, thereby offering customers a proven solution that matches their needs and requirements.

Sub-millimetre resolution data of subsea structures

The Cathx laser scanner uses the laser triangulation principle to produce point clouds and uses a laser fan imaged by a camera system. The system can achieve sub-millimetre resolution data, resulting in ultra-high resolution point clouds of subsea structures in NaviSuite.

The NaviSuite implementation covers all relevant solutions in the software suite, including NaviSuite Nardoa, our dedicated solutions for pipeline and cable route inspections.

Thereby, customers are offered real-time visualisation of the raw point cloud during data acquisition in NaviScan; correction of laser data by other sensors offering eg position, timing and movement data in NaviEdit; the possibility of working with the laser data as point clouds or as digital terrain models (DTMs) in combination with other data types such as video, photo mosaics, DTMs generated from multi-beam echo sounder data, digitised pipes, CAD structures, etc. Existing NaviSuite features such as cross profiles, eventing and comparison of multiple surveys are of course supported as well.

Integration of Cathx laser scanning data in EIVA NaviSuite software for subsea surveying
Point cloud from a Cathx laser scanner mounted on a ROV during a pipeline inspection survey

The subsea laser scanner can be combined with other sensors, such as a multi-beam echo sounder for a wider coverage of the seabed. This allows you to use the laser scanner as an ultra-high resolution scanner focusing on the centre of eg a pipe during pipeline inspections, or for detailed ROV inspections of a subsea structure.

Interested in having additional drivers added?

It is key to EIVA to offer manufacturer-independent solutions. Thus, we strive to implement support for all relevant sensor products as part of the NaviSuite roadmap, allowing our customer to benefit from possessing a single, high-end survey software package, regardless of the extension of their sensor spread.

For more information on laser scanner support in NaviSuite, please do not hesitate to contact inquiry@eiva.com.

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