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Introducing EIVA ScanFish Operator Courses


In response to popular demand, we are excited to announce that EIVA will be hosting a unique training course for ScanFish operators in February 2019.

Where better to deepen your knowledge and understanding of ScanFish, improve your operator skills and enhance your technical abilities to service ScanFish on the fly than at EIVA HQ itself! 
Recognising that certain core competences are vital to the efficient and successful work of a ScanFish operator, we are planning a first of its kind training course designed specifically for users of EIVA’s range of ScanFish. 
ScanFish Operator course

Delivering training, experience and guidance to ensure you get the most out of ScanFish


The five-day course will be hosted in Denmark between 18-22 February 2019, with training days split between EIVA headquarters in Stilling, and Aarhus harbour. 


Preliminary course contents include: 
  • One day of classroom training covering a range of topics, including: ScanFish components, ScanFish Flight software, best practices and more.
  • Two days on-board the Aarhus University research vessel AURORA providing hands-on experience with both ScanFish Katria 3D for UXO operations and ScanFish 2D Rocio for oceanographic work under the guidance of EIVA experts.
  • Two days of training in the ScanFish service and repair workshop at EIVA HQ delivering specialised guidance on assembly, maintenance and repair of ScanFish. 


At this time, we welcome you to register your interest in attending the event at the EIVA website
We would encourage all those interested in this opportunity to register early so as to reserve their place as soon as possible, since a maximum of 30 persons may attend. 


Costs for participation in the training course have not yet been determined and depend on the number of attendants. 
Should you have any questions about the EIVA ScanFish Operator Course, please reach out to us


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Introducing EIVA ScanFish Operator Courses

In response to popular demand, we are excited to announce that EIVA will be hosting a unique training course f

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