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EIVA ramp up ScanFish production to meet demand


With record levels of demand for our flexible ROTV product range, there’s not a lot of down-time on the production floor of EIVA ScanFish III these days. 


EIVA ramp up ScanFish production to meet demand

Just half way through the year, and with the tenth ScanFish of 2018 just recently completed and now waiting to be shipped, we’re excited to say that we’ve already exceeded our average annual build. 

Currently under assembly is EIVA’s 70th ScanFish III unit – remarkable considering that it was only in 2012 that our very first third-generation ScanFish hit the seas!

For sale or rent around the world

We’re proud to say that on any given day, the ScanFish III product range is deployed with EIVA customers around the world, working as a key platform for oceanographic and magnetometer surveys, UXO operations and a wide variety of ocean science activities, including academic research. 

Present deployment includes the full inventory of EIVA’s own stock of ScanFish which are available to rent.

Planning ahead – not a single ScanFish delivery delayed

Despite the pressures of global demand, the EIVA production team is working with extraordinary skill and commitment – helping to ensure that not a single ScanFish delivery has been delayed this year to date.

Always seeking to build resiliency into the EIVA production lines to keep up with demand for our products, last year we established a unit dedicated to production of the four models that make up the ScanFish III family: Rocio, Katria, Konia and Tropheus. It’s a move that means ScanFish production is more streamlined and efficient than ever before.

‘We have a very dedicated production team who aim to fulfil our customers’ requirements and deadlines and at the same time ensure that we keep the high quality that EIVA represents,’ says Annette Nordtorp Deacon, EIVA’s Production Coordinator. 

Read more about the ScanFish III range

Interested in acquiring an ROTV? 

If you’re in need of a world-class ROTV for maritime operations, be sure to reach out to us to find out more. And don’t forget, EIVA also offers flexible options for rental of ScanFish too. 


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