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EIVA becomes Geometrics repair facility for G-882 Marine Magnetometers


EIVA becomes Geometrics repair facility for G-882 Marine Magnetometers


EIVA, a Geometrics representative, regularly ships Geometrics’ G-882 Marine Magnetometers to customers throughout the world. The G-882 Marine Magnetometer can either be purchased or hired and used as a stand-alone unit or as part of the EIVA ScanFish Katria ROTV.  This is the solution commonly employed for UXO detection surveys, and the EIVA ScanFish Katria ROTV allows for the deployment of four magnetometers simultaneously. 


We are excited to announce that EIVA now has the capability to repair the G-882 magnetometer in-house.  Our technicians have undergone rigorous factory training at the official Geometrics’ repair facility in San Jose, California, and we are now ready to receive units for repair.  


EIVA’s repair facility is located in our headquarters in Denmark. This means that G-882 owners, especially in Europe, can save considerable time by sending their units a much shorter distance when in need of repair.  You can be assured that your G-882 unit will be repaired by our own factory-trained technician.


‘We are very happy to be able to offer our customers such a strong product as the G-882. By being able to also offer a repair service, should accidents occur, we have not only strengthened the partnership with Geometrics further, but also meet an increased demand made by many customers,’ said EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen. 

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