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Did you know – EIVA NaviModel 4.2 comes with new 3D cleaning option


Author: EIVA CEO Jeppe Nielsen


NaviModel is the NaviSuite software product dedicated to advanced modelling and visualisation of data acquired with subsea and above-water sensors. One feature which this includes is data cleaning.

With the recent release of version 4.2, the list of data cleaning options now includes the new EC-3D (EIVA Cleaning 3D). This bundles a number of tools developed with the purpose of handling not just 2D but also 3D data, such as laser scans of structures, water column data from sonars, and the like. Looking at other examples, EC-3D also proves its worth when cleaning sonar data from pipeline inspections – preserving the pipeline in the process.



Efficient 3D cleaning through support of several methods


Unlike other cleaning/data processing tools, such as S-CAN or CUBE/CHRT, which are applied on DTM cells, EC-3D examines each point in the 3D sonar or laser point cloud to determine if it is noise or real data. Among other benefits, this means that you can remove noise while preserving real world artefacts, which other tools might mistakenly consider to be noise.


EC-3D supports several cleaning methods:


  • Distance to neighbour
  • Neighbours in sphere
  • Distance to average surface
  • K nearest neighbours mean distance
  • K nearest neighbours mean Z distance
  • Z summation in circle

The various approaches are useful for different applications and can be applied on top of each other.

Proven high data cleaning performance

EC-3D is sensor independent. That is, no knowledge of the sensor is required for the tool to work. It has a very high performance and offers the possibility of automation when installed together with the NaviSuite Workflow Manager.

Until now, S-CAN was the fastest cleaning implementation available in the market, but EC-3D is many times faster – in fact, typically 10 times faster. Cleaning a point cloud of 10 million points takes 2.5 seconds, and 3.6 million points (typical sonar block size) only takes 1 second, so there is no risk of EC-3D becoming a bottleneck in point cloud processing.

Would you like to learn more?

If you would like to lean more about the features of EC-3D, please feel free to reach out  – and if you would like to get started right away using the cleaning option, it can be purchased via our website at the cost of € 1,400.00 per licence  as an add-on to NaviModel Producer.



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