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ATTU winter promotion offer: Beat the time-tagging unit rush hour in the spring


The EIVA NaviSuite ATTU time-tagging unit has served survey professionals well for many years by taking the time-tagging feature of the EIVA NaviSuite software to the highest level. It is very popular party guest every spring, when the season takes off for our software customers.


While our stock of the ATTU spends the cold winter months on the shelves at EIVA without being reduced in number, numerous inquiries usually start coming in during January and the following months.


Last year, this unfortunately meant that we couldn’t keep up with the demand. This resulted in empty stock shelves and extended delivery times, even though the workshop did their best to keep up.


Save 15% percent by purchasing your ATTU before 31 December


This year, we are hoping to beat the time-tagging rush hour in the spring by offering the ATTU winter collection at a reduced price, saving you 15% off the standard webshop price.


The ATTU can be purchased as a 16-port (campaign price: € 3,995) and 24-port version (campaign price: € 5,015). Please note that the offer only applies to purchases made via the webshop no later than the 31 December 2017.

The EIVA NaviSuite ATTU Time-Tagging Unit

Applying the NaviSuite ATTU


When time accuracy is of pivotal importance to your survey operation, the NaviSuite ATTU can be applied in any set-up that includes the EIVA NaviPac and NaviScan navigation and data acquisition software products.


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