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1,001 eLearners and still counting


EIVA has reached a milestone, which we are quite excited about: In March, the number of members on the NaviSuite eLearning site surpassed 1,000.

1001 users on our eLearning site!


When we first launched the eLearning site, it was the first step in a restructuring of our training offerings, initiated with the aim of allowing for a more comprehensive learning package with different options matching different needs.


The NaviSuite eLearning site allows all NaviSuite users to access training in the NaviSuite products whenever and wherever you want. It consists of training modules covering various aspects of the NaviSuite features and applications, which you can visit and revisit regardless of the time of the day and where you are in the world – as long as you have an internet connection.

This enables you to maintain your newly acquired skills and stay updated on new versions and features of the EIVA NaviSuite software.

Next step: Blended learning

The next step in the restructuring of EIVA’s training offerings, that is, an additional training option, was introduced recently with the possibility of signing up for blended courses.

With a blended course, the basic parts of the NaviSuite software training are covered by training via our eLearning site prior to you attending a classroom course. As a result, the classroom part is reduced in terms of number of days compared to the traditional courses, focusing only on in-depth details of specific subjects, hands-on training and dialogue with the instructor.

Learn more about our different training offerings or sign up today for NaviSuite eLearning at the cost of only € 195 for 12 months full access.


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