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Suction dredger support added to NaviSuite Uca

11 November 2019

We have recently released a new version of NaviSuite Uca, our 3D dredging solution, to expand on the list of dredger types supported to include suction dredgers.

Suction dredger support added to NaviSuite Uca

This means that owners and operators of this dredger type can now also make use of features that were originally made available for bucket and clamshell dredgers, resulting in as much as a 50% increase in time efficiency. This efficiency increase compared to other solutions is based on a number of factors:

  • Higher accuracy of calculated material removal results in significantly reduced re-work
  • Ability to work with very large data sets highly reduces planning time
  • As a basis for job completion time estimate, fast and accurate volume calculations reduce follow-up time 

NaviSuite Uca is developed in close collaboration with dredging specialists. Bringing various features into focus, such as visualisation, calculations and reporting, which can be applied throughout operations, from pre-survey to end report. This is done by integrating pre-survey multi-beam echo sounder data, GPS and excavator/crane sensor data in the software, all with customisable windows and data display items.

Works with standard suction dredger and swinging ladder style dredgers

NaviSuite Uca works with all popular sensors. EIVA will extend the software in case of sensor or equipment types not currently being supported.

The new release works with standard suction dredgers and swinging ladder style dredgers, allowing the operators to benefit from features such as a fast and accurate update of the pre-survey DTM during the operation and location of high spots where material is missed.

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