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New features and enhancements in the latest update to NaviSuite Uca

1 July 2021

Dig in! Our software team has dredged up some great new features and enhancements in the latest update to NaviSuite Uca, our 3D dredging software for high-precision and efficient operations. We’ll give you a quick ‘volume’ report with examples of what’s new in NaviSuite Uca 4.5

Switch between buckets during a dredging operation
Many dredging operations require the usage of different buckets, which is why we have added the Setup Selector. This tool allows you to save your buckets in NaviSuite Uca and simply switch between them as needed.

The bucket Setup Selector tool in NaviSuite 4.5
In the new Setup Selector tool, you can see that there are several available buckets, of which Bucket 3 is in use.

Save a position
We have added a Ghost marking tool, which marks a position, making it easier to return to as needed.

The Ghost marking tool in NaviSuite 4.5
The Ghost marking tool has been used to mark a position, which the dredger can return to later

See how far your excavator arm can reach
We have added the Operations Radius tool, which visually indicates how far the excavator arm can reach before moving its position.

NaviSuite is a family of software solutions for virtually any subsea task – which is why the newest born release, NaviSuite Uca 4.5, has inherited a fleet of useful features from the latest versions of NaviModel and NaviPac. These include support for additional file types, an upgraded CAD reader, more web-based services and the Event Tablet.

The Event Tablet in Uca 4.5

The Event Tablet in Uca 4.5, in this example showing two large boulders to be aware of while dredging


Learn about these updates and more in the release notes.

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