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NaviSuite Uca 4.1 release brings a new shovelful of features to dredging specialists

10 August 2017

The EIVA NaviSuite software product for 3D dredging operations was launched more than three years ago. Since then, multiple customer projects with specific requirements have resulted in additional features being developed to accommodate setups including both backhoe excavators and wire cranes.

Now, we release NaviSuite Uca 4.1, which brings the full list of features to all dredging customers.

EIVA releases expanded version of 3D dredging software - NaviSuite Uca

NaviSuite Uca offers real-time navigation and 3D visualisation of excavator/crane body, boom, stick and bucket position relative to the seabed – for all parties of a dredging project

‘NaviSuite Uca is a relatively young product, but builds on the other established products of the EIVA NaviSuite. This means that users get a solution specially designed to streamline their dredging operations through for example a proven 3D software engine and other features that have been used by maritime professionals for decades for subsea sensor positioning and data visualisation, processing and analysis,’ said EIVA Sales Director Jakob Møller Nielsen.

When dredging efficiency and precision go bucket in bucket

Customers report of operation efficiency being improved by as much as 50% with NaviSuite Uca, streamlining the workflow of both the dredger operator and project manager.

NaviSuite Uca 4.1 supports various sensor types – such as the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System, eTrac sensors and Hengstler encoders – and can easily be customised to integrate with other sensor types not on the list yet. Moreover, the software comes with a long list of optional extras and the possibility of upgrading to a complete system solution, including training, commissioning and support services.

More dredging features to come

NaviSuite Uca version 4.1 is just one shovelful of improvements out of many. We’ll continue further developing the software based on user input and the further developments of the other NaviSuite products that can bring benefits to the dredging world.

This also means that NaviSuite Uca is not limited to operations with backhoe excavators or wire cranes. If your setup is based on other types of equipment, we would be happy to create a solution that matches your particular sensor types and needs.

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