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Thank you for your interest in the NaviSuite Mobula webinar

This webinar has already been held, but feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss NaviSuite Mobula with someone from our team.

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NaviSuite Mobula

EIVA LIVE webinar on the latest news, features and developments in NaviSuite Mobula, EIVA’s ROV control and inspection software. We will cover subjects such as:

  • Capabilities to ensure more efficient ROV inspections, such as…
    • Planning, recording and logging of dive and video
    • User interface configuration, incl video overlay, for customisable pilot overview
    • Manual and auto-flight functions – from joystick steering with six degrees of freedom to automated inspection steering modes of walls or orbiting objects
    • Sensor and tooling integration and configuration
    • Inspection project deliverables
  • Platforms already integrated, providing plug-and-play software – Blue Robotics and VideoRay
  • Variants tailored for different needs and budgets – including data processing
  • Sensors supported – Scanning imaging sonar (Ping360), FLS (forward-looking sonar), multi-beam profiling sonar, underwater laser scanner, USBL/INS/DVL positioning
  • Use case – Autonomous routine inspection of a harbour wall
  • Duration: 1 hour incl Q&A sessions
  • Possible to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with the experts after the webinar

About NaviSuite Mobula

The NaviSuite Mobula solution is a complete topside software for your ROV. NaviSuite Mobula comes in different variants, allowing you to upgrade if you want to make use of sonar features.

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