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Thank you for your interest in the NaviSuite Kuda webinar.

This webinar has already been held, but feel free to reach out to us if you would like to discuss NaviSuite Kuda with someone from our team.

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NaviSuite Kuda

EIVA LIVE webinar on the latest news, features and developments in NaviSuite Kuda, EIVA’s hydrographic survey software. Recently, EIVA launched our very own autopilot for superior USV control, as well as new software variants such as NaviSuite Kuda Core, which is simplified and streamlined for entry-level survey setups. In this webinar we will cover subjects such as:

  • Software variants tailored for different budgets and setups
  • Features for efficient, automated USV operations (coverage assist, assisted runline planning, etc)
  • NaviSuite Kuda – Autopilot for precise line-keeping and safe USV parking
  • Features for remote monitoring, QC and control in real time during all types of survey operations
  • Data fusion capability through acquiring and displaying different types of data simultaneously, such as MBE and LiDAR
  • Real-time data cleaning (EC-3D) of multi-beam echo sounder data as a means of obtaining on-the-fly deliverables
  • Automated data processing through EC-3D cleaning tool and Workflow Manager (both onboard USV processing and surveys with manned vessels)
  • Fully-equipped USV with NaviSuite Kuda software integrated – available for rent or purchase
  • Use cases showing remote, over-the-horizon surveys with the above solutions
  • Sneak peek at the upcoming new user interface of NaviSuite Kuda 5
  • Duration: 1 hour incl Q&A sessions
  • Possible to sign up for a one-on-one meeting with the experts after the webinar

About NaviSuite Kuda

The NaviSuite Kuda software solution is dedicated to hydrographic surveys. It aims to offer you all the necessary tools to carry out time-efficient shallow water operations that result in extensive end reports with high-quality data.

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