Cut your equipment some slack


The EIVA OceanEnviro wave buoy range


The OceanEnviroTM product range offers you six different high-quality and cost-effective electrical winches for deployment of oceanographic and hydrographic equipment.

Whether you are looking to tow sonars, magnetometers, etc, or to vertically deploy equipment such as ADCPs, CTDs and the like, the OceanEnviroTM product range will fit your exact needs. By choosing the exact size and features you want, you save both money and deck space.

Cost-effective solution tailored to your needs


The OceanEnviroTM product range offers you maximum tow cable lengths ranging from 600 metres to 3,400 metres, drum diameters from 250 millimetres to 490 millimetres, and motor power from 1.5 kilowatts to 10.4 kilowatts – just to mention a few of the options available through the six models.

The combination of an electronic level wind and a slip ring unit for the tow cable makes for better winch performance and minimum wear and tear. The frame and plate components protecting the winch are made of AISI 316 marine stainless steel, which vastly reduces the risk of corrosion. This means that by choosing an OceanEnviroTM winch you get a cost-effective solution.


Looking for a complete solution?

With our wide range of optional extras, we can offer you all the components of a complete winch solution for oceanographic and hydrographic surveys, from A-frames to sheaves and tow cable to a service kit.

Product with proven track record

The OceanEnviroTM is the new generation of winches manufactured by Sepro Technology AS. The product range is the result of a partnership between winch specialist Sepro Technology AS and EIVA, whose combined expertise selling hundreds of winches guarantees you a proven product, optimised with the newest technology.